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UI/UX Case Study

Hotel Booking App


Imagine you as a traveler, deciding to take a break from work and plan a trip which is away from work, surrounded by nature, the finest food, and most important, peace.

But wait, a delightful vacation is one thing, but planning is another thing. Let’s say you’ve booked your flight tickets, and now it’s just a matter of booking the hotel. …

Recycle App


The amount of waste people are creating is increasing all the time. There is a bazillion of data out there about how the waste we produce is affecting the planet and how recycling might help a little. Every day tons of garbage is generated and most of it does not make it to the right bin in order to be recycled.

Problem Statement

How many times have you searched online where to recycle something or is something recyclable? People have started thinking about saving the planet. Therefore, if we place the wrong items in the recycle bin, it’s equal…


Fortuna is an online gaming application which adds a bit of an extremity to some of the equations of playing board games physically. Also, the game can be betted upon by the players, which means all of the players’ mistakes will cost them, literally, which gives the game a better competitive edge.

Also, Fortuna aims to bridge the gap between the physical and online gaming experience. In brief, this can be done via a rock solid Discovery platform and by maintaining the Functionalism of a physical experience by means of a proper gaming user interface. …

Ami Moradia

UI Designer

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